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Your Gifts of Time

Thanks to your donations, vulnerable people across Scotland have recived the care and support needed to help them overcome personal crises.


Jackie has a learning disability and a condition called myasthenia gravis, which affects his muscles, making him weak. Over the last few years his condition has worsened and he needed to move to a different care home, more suited to his changing needs.

The team who had been supporting Jackie in West-Dunbartonshire for the last 14 years, were concerned that this move would very difficult and confusing for him. Their biggest fear was that the new environment would scare him into becoming withdrawn and isolated. The only option they had for his wellbeing was to continue visiting him, providing the necessary transitional support he needed to settle in.

The team were able to fund his hours of care thanks to funds raised through the ‘Gift of Time’ appeal. This support proved to be essential for Jackie, who relied on the regular vist from his ‘friends’ to reassure him that he is in a safe place. This support was provided to Jackie until he was comfortable enough to make new friends and become familiar with the environment.

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Molly was walking around town, visiting charity shops as she does every weekend, when she suddenly collapsed. A member of the public had to call her an ambulance and she was rushed to hospital. She had been having problems with her heart and needed emergency surgery to fit a pacemaker.

Molly has age related health problems as well as learning disabilities. Cornerstone are contracted by the local authority to provide her with 16 hours of home care a week. However, once you are in hospital, an individual’s care is suspended until they leave. This concerned her support team, knowing she would not fully understand what was happening and that no body would visit her.

Fearing that her wellbeing would be at risk, the team immediately put in a request for ‘Gift of Time’ funding. With this, they were able to arrange for someone to visit Molly, who was very confused and agitated when they got to see her. Within a few minutes of her first visit, she calmed down and was made to feel safe. Daily visits were made to see Molly and reassure her during her four weeks in hospital.

Molly is doing well since her surgery and is back to her routine of going round town every weekend. She has been supported for Cornerstone for so long that despite having no relatives, her support team have become her family and knows they will do anything to help her.

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Graham started caring for his sister Agnes when she began to show signs of having dementia. Agnes moved in with her brother so he could better look after her, and as the years went by her condition continued to deteriorate. Eventually Graham could no longer support his sister alone, and a social worker made arrangements for her to receive additional support.

Cornerstone was asked to support Agnes with three 30-minute visits per day to help her get up in the morning, bathe, eat, take medication, and to get into bed at night. Graham enjoyed these visits too because they gave him some respite from his caring role as well as giving him opportunities to get to know other people. The responsibility of looking after Agnes had resulted in him becoming isolated and having someone else around made a big difference to his wellbeing.

Sadly, Agnes died quite suddenly. With her passing, her local authority funding ceased and the team would no longer be able to visit, leaving Graham to grieve all alone. Recognising that Graham needed their support, the team that had been caring for his sister were able to help him through this difficult time thanks to funding from our ‘Gift of Time’ appeal.

With the ‘Gift of Time’ given to Graham, he received the support needed to improve his mental health and overcome loneliness. Hi was encouraged to take part in local social activities and was soon able to rekindle old friendships. He has since joined a number of local clubs and keeps very active within his community.