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Quality of Life

Matthew's music tuition

There are people within our community struggling to access the most basic resources and opportunities, those that many of us take for granted. Our Quality of Life Programme focuses on transforming lives by providing people with the support and resources they need to live a fuller more valued life.

Stand Aid Photo

For Peter, getting around his home was starting to become a real problem. His levels of mobility are on the decline, meaning he requires more and more support in to and out of sitting and sleeping positions. Thankfully there is a piece of equipment called a ‘stand aid’ which an individual can use to raise and lower themselves. They are however very expensive, and with a limited budget, this is not something that would normally be available to Peter.

The benefit of our Quality of Life Programme is that our support teams are aware of the needs of the people they support, and use these funds to transform lives. Peter’s support team made us aware of the problems he was having and what the solution was. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we were able to help Peter access the equipment he needed to regain his independence within his home.