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People and Their Families

Martin 2

No matter what a family’s situation, if they are in need of assistance, we want to be there for them. Our People and Families Programme ensures there is help available for the whole family - from providing guardians with emotional support when they are in need, to helping parents to arrange emergency care for their child. 

Through our Growing Together service, which provides support to children in Glasgow, we met Martin and his mum Yvonne. Martin is autistic, has disruptive sleep patterns and frequently lashes out. When he has had particularly restless nights, standard beds weren't durable enough and he broke all of his previous frames, meaning he had to sleep on a mattress on the floor.

A specialist bed suited to his needs costs around £5,000, an expense too great for his family. To help Martin sleep peacefully and safely, we appealed to raise the funds needed to get him a specialist bed. Thanks to the help we received from our supporters, we were able to purchase a Safespace bed for Martin and transform the lives of his family.