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Isolation is such a common issue for people with support needs and for those taking on a caring role for their relatives. Through Connections, you can help people to overcome social isolation and gain access to opportunities that would otherwise not be available. Your support allows us to offer social activities, support people into education, and help find employment opportunities for people who would generally struggle to access them.

Elderly couple

Jack’s dementia had progressed to the point that he had become socially isolated and caring for him was becoming a strain for his wife, who also desperately needed a break and a chance to socialise. It was at this point he was referred to our Canalside service in Edinburgh for additional support.

We were able to support the two of them by offering Jack social activities each Thursday. This weekly bit of socialising gave him the chance meet new people and regain his lost confidence. In the space of just a few months a significant improvement could be seen in Jack, who now looks forward to going out with people from Canalside each week. His favourite activity is getting the chance to visit places he would go to when he was younger, and recalling the memories associated with them. Jack’s wife gets a little break too and uses the time to meet up with her friend for tea or head into town for some shopping.

When Jack comes home, the two of them get to share stories about their days. Jack likes to tell stories of where he has been and likes being able to remember all the little details. He has a developing friendship with another gentleman, who was also experiencing isolation, and their relationship provides them with a level of support they were both missing.