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Dundee Childrens Club

Dundee Children's Club

Every week, over 60 children aged 3 – 16 attend a very special activity club in Dundee. Cornerstone’s Children’s Club is special because it is the only local club to provide free support to children with disabilities and other support needs.

Dundee CC

Our club provides children with the opportunity to socialise, have fun and develop a range of skills. We are also there to provide support to the whole family by giving them the opportunity to take well deserved breaks, while also providing them with advice and support.

Many of the children we support live with more than one disability and have very unique support needs. Some need assistance with basic functions such as eating and breathing and others struggle with communication and engagement. This is why we tailor our support to their needs and ambitions, making sure they are at the centre of everything that we do.

The children we support vary greatly in their abilities, interests, background, and personalities. What they do share is a capacity to learn, a need for social connection and a lifelong need for support.