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AFC Supporting Supporters! We all need something to look forward to.

12 August 2019

Thanks to Aberdeen Football Club Community Trust, the Cornerstone Football Group is all set for the new season after being donated 10 season tickets.

AFC Collage of people to benefit from tickets

This group is for people who require both financial and physical support to attend AFC matches, and has made a massive difference to their lives since the group started in 2015. By regularly attending games together, it’s really added an extra dimension to their social lives. They have become very passionate fans and formed a close knit group. It’s surprising just how big a difference attending regular football matches makes. The game may last 90 minutes but the benefits go way beyond that. Confidence has improved, relationships have been made, and the excitement leading up to and after a game can last days.

Having something to look forward to is an amazing thing.

Once AFC heard about the group, they have helped us every step of the way, and even made this video about our work together.