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The significance of becoming a regular donor

27 June 2019

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£5 a month might seem like a lot at first, but for many of us it’s a pint at the pub or that morning coffee on the way to the office. It’s less than the cost of a gym membership or even a takeaway on a Friday night, but for the people we support at Cornerstone – it’s a lifeline.

A monthly donation of just £5 a month is the difference between someone we support feeling isolated and excluded; to helping them lead a full and valued life. It can provide respite to siblings, day services for people diagnosed with dementia or much needed adaptions to the home for a person living with a disability. It can ensure care and support is there when it is needed for vulnerable people and their families in a time of crisis.

Monthly donations are vital to the work we do. Being able to rely on a steady income for The Cornerstone Foundation means we can plan our work long into the future, ensuring that everyone we support gets access to help when they need it.

Becoming a Regular Donor for The Cornerstone Foundation couldn’t be easier, it’s a simple online form and we’ll do the rest for you. When you become a Regular Donor with us we’ll keep you up to date with all the amazing work we are doing so you can see how your gift is helping us transform lives. You’ll get to see first hand the difference your support makes.

The team are on hand to answer any questions you might have about becoming a Regular Donor, so do give us a call on 01224 256000 to speak to a member of the Foundation Team.

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