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Green Thumbs in Dundee 🌱

27 June 2019

Allotment Group 1

There are a couple of topics that keep coming up when discussing dreams and ambitions with the people we support - healthier lifestyles and gardening. Keeping active and eating right should be a part of everyone’s personal agendas and our colleagues are always working to ensure everyone has opportunities to be active and understand the importance of good nutrition.

For people who do not have a garden, giving them a proper gardening experience is more difficult but not impossible. Thanks to some fundraising by our colleagues in Dundee, they have found a way to combine both!

With the funds raised from a car boot sale in May, the keen fundraisers were able to start their allotment project by renting a plot complete with potting shed and greenhouse. The allotment is open to everyone we support to come along and learn about growing their own produce, experience what it is like to tend for plants and meet new people. 

Group Allotment

Off to a great start, they have already planted a great range of plants  including potatoes, carrots, aubergines, cucumber, cabbage, rhubarb, raspberries and pumpkins – which they are hoping will turn big and orange for Halloween.

The produce will be used by our services and the people who grow them, but the main plan is to start selling their harvests to friends, family and colleagues. They have already sold a few cucumbers and have a few more plants that growing quickly with all the sun we have been having this summer.

Dundee Allotment Project Collage

If you know someone who would like to get involved with the allotment or support it in some way, please get in touch with Margaret Davidson at: