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Take a look into one of our personalised bedrooms!

21 February 2020
When you envision a care home you might think of white washed walls, blue gloves and floral sofas. For one of Cornerstone’s care homes, Bob Cooney Court, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Putting the people we support at the heart of what we do is key for us here at Cornerstone. Personalisation of our support services is one of the ways that we enable the people we support to live the life they choose. It can be something as simple as a bedroom that showcases the importance of choice, control, and independence within care.

John has been supported by Cornerstone since 1997 and has benefited from the personalisation of his home. John loves all things to do with cars. When you walk into John’s room, you’re transported into a Formula 1 race. There is breath-taking art work of a race track, starting on the roof and spilling onto his bedroom walls.

We often choose different avenues to express our personality and interests, whether that is through the clothes we wear or the music we listen to. John is non-verbal, so it’s very important that he has an opportunity to express himself. Having his room decorated in a way that he likes, is one of the ways that John can showcase who he is.  

Personalised Bedroom John Smith

Making a house a home is one of the initiatives that we are fundraising for at The Cornerstone Foundation.

Whether it’s painting a race track on somebody’s bedroom wall or sensory equipment, we recognise that these flourishes can be a life changing addition for somebody who is receipt of care and support. You can help us enable the people we support to make their house a home by donating at: