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The perfect homes for our community

19 February 2020

When we choose where to live, we often look past the four walls of a potential home and dig deeper into the community it belongs to. What facilities does it offer? Is your favourite exercise class available at the local town hall? What are the transport links like? For many, it’s important to feel involved, safe and integrated into their surroundings.

For somebody who has a disability, the number one priority is to have a home which meets their needs.

This can sometimes mean the facilities and opportunities in the surrounding area aren’t fit for purpose. This is something that our housing support service in New Deer have stumbled across. They provide care to eight individuals in separate bungalows. Unfortunately, due to the rural location the people we support often struggle to find meaningful activities outside of their homes.

Eric has autism and is supported by our team in New Deer. When planning social activities there are many factors his team must consider. Will the venue will be too noisy? Does the activity fit around Eric’s routine? Will it make an overall positive impact?  Sadly, the resources nearby don’t tick any of these boxes.

After many years of planning, a specialist resource centre is being built on the doorstep of the support service. This will enable the people we support in the area to access social activities that are tailored to their needs. It means that people such as Eric can meet their outcomes whilst being in their own, comfortable environment. Plans for the resource centre include crafts, sensory sessions, baking and other inclusive activities. This will be life changing for the people we support, promoting inclusion and independence whilst opening up a whole new world of opportunities.

There is still additional funding required to get the full potential of this new space. Funds are needed for sensory equipment, garden space and other facilities. These will add life enhancing elements to the resource centre for the people we support.

Eric New Deer

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