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A helping hand

12 February 2020

Cornerstone Connects in Stonehaven (also known as CCS) offers the opportunity for the people we support to create connections through social activities. CCS operate a community hub and shop in the heart of the Stonehaven community. They also offer a wide range of activities for the people they support ranging from workshops, crafts, discos and supported holidays.

When Chris first made contact with Cornerstone over 10 years ago, he was in need of a helping hand.

Chris was at risk of being let go from his tenancy, he was hoarding paper and magazines and as the situation escalated it became a fire safety hazard for the building. A close friend of his had recognised that he was in need of support and encouraged him to seek advice from his local authority. 

It wasn’t long before Chris was set up with a support worker from Cornerstone. After many months of hard work, Chris and his support worker made his home a happy and safe environment to live in.

Fast forward to 2019, and Chris is now our helping hand! A pillar of the CCS service, it’s rare to stop by the hub and not find him catching up with his friends. Through the support offered at Cornerstone, Chris has grown in confidence and widened his skill set. If you’re ever lucky enough to bump into him, you’ll be sure to be shown around the shop and offered a fine cuppa.

Recently, something magical has happened for Chris. He was offered the paid position of janitor at the hub! Now employed as a team member, Chris is on our £10.10 hourly rate and is over the moon. We caught up with Chris, he said: “I’m so happy to have a job here. Connects is great, it means I get out of the house. I’ve made lots of new friends since I started coming here. I love the hub and the discos on a Thursday night. If this wasn’t here, I’m not sure what I’d be doing or where I would be.”

Chris in Stonehaven

At The Cornerstone Foundation we are continually working to ensure the people we support have access to local activities, education and employment opportunities. By distributing funds to services such as CCS we can ensure the people we support are living valued lives.

You can help people such as Chris get into employment by donating to our connections programme at: