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All in a day's work for our fantastic fundraisers!

13 February 2020

The smell of freshly cooked fish and chips fills the air and the crash of waves at the nearby beach rings in my ears. Stonehaven is a small town in Aberdeenshire which has a bustling community and is the home to some of the people supported by Cornerstone.

Our team members in Stonehaven are top class fundraisers. They always put themselves in the thick of it, finding creative ways of raising funds. Just recently, one of these teams raised a whopping £3,000 to send a person on their dream holiday to Disneyland.

I’m a community fundraiser for The Cornerstone Foundation, a fast-paced role that sees me rushing around a gala dinner one day and compiling a mass spreadsheet the next.

Sometimes, it can be something as simple as handing out collection cans that can create one of those career defining moments.

One Friday afternoon, I made my way to Stonehaven to hand out our collection cans to local businesses. I had popped in by to Cornerstone’s local community hub (CCS) to say hello and catch up with colleagues.

A person we support, Chris, was working in the hub at the time. We got chatting and when I had mentioned I was away to wander the streets of Stonehaven I could see he wanted to help. Chris and I then took to the streets, cans in hands, smiles on our faces – ready to make a difference!

It was when we had made it to our third stop (the butchers) that I took a step back to reflect. Chris made his way inside and was instantly met with smiles and waves from behind the counter – “Hello Chris, how you doing today?” said the man in his white overalls.

Then inside the local ice cream shop, a family ran after us with a handful of pennies. Chris was so thankful and his sense of pride filled every corner of the room. In fact, almost every local business we found ourselves in had the same sequence of events unfold.

It was evident that the community spirit we so often tarnish as being lost was still at the heart of Stonehaven. Chris is a recognised member of his community and every person we spoke to wanted to help in some way or another.

Our Collections Cans in Stonehaven

Being a fundraiser might not always be easy. There are days when I have more emails than I’ve had hot dinners and my to-do list seems to be the length of the office. Then there are days like a Friday afternoon in Stonehaven with Chris and that’s when I know I wouldn’t change my job for the world.