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Host Your Own Fundraiser

We are absolutely delighted you are interested in fundraising and making a difference for vulnerable people within our community.

Hosting your own fundraiser is a wonderful thing that transforms lives and can be incredibly fun to arrange. At the bottom of this page, you will find links to some resources to get you started.

Why are you fundraising?

It is important to make sure that everyone attending your event or supporting your fundraising knows how their money will make a difference and what their support means to you.

What is involved?

Make sure you’ve considered all costs. We recommend aiming to raise three times as much as you spend.
Consider all the equipment you will need -  tickets, raffle prizes and decorations to create a theme are some of the things you might want to consider depending on your activity.

When will it take place?

Check the calendar before deciding to make sure that it doesn’t clash with another event or national holiday. Give yourself plenty of time for planning the event or training if you are taking part in a race. A small fundraiser at home could be planned in a few weeks but a large ball could take up to a year.

Host your own

Your starter pack

We have prepared a starter pack for you to download and use to compliment your activity.
In the downloads you will find:

  • Fundraising A-Z - packed with ideas and tips for hosting events, prepare to be inspired!
  • Sponsor Form - classic fundraising resource and a very handy tool for claiming Gift Aid.
  • Gift Aid Form - if someone makes a cash donation to you or you make one to us, using this form will allow us to claim Gift Aid on the total.
  • Bunting - who doesn't love bunting at an event, decorate to your heart's content with this print & cut PDF.

When you decide on your fundraiser please get in touch, we love to hear about the exciting work being done by our supporters across Scotland.

If you are needing any assistance, we would love to hear from you too, we really enjoy being able to assist people with their events and hearing the wonderful ideas they come up with.

Get in touch

Your getting started pack