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Bungee Jump


Man bungee jumping in Cornerstone Tshirt
Date: 01 Jan 2020 - 30 Jun 2020
Cost: Various

A challenge for adrenaline seekers - have you got what it takes to step off a ledge knowing that you will be falling from a great height at the end of a bungee cord?

Does that thought fill you with fear or excitement?

People bungee jumping - a collage

As you’re standing on the edge of your jump platform, the feeling you get when you make the decision to freefall is incredible – pure exhilaration as you dive towards the ground below. You’ll be travelling at around 50mph as you plummet, it will last only a few seconds before the cord kicks in and you’re sent skyward. There’s a wonderful moment where you reach the peak of your bounce back, and feel totally weightless.

This challenge is on many people’s bucket lists, will you be one of the brave few to tick it off?

There are numerous bungee jumping locations across the UK, and we would be delighted to help you make arrangements for your own jump.